Sie können Ihre Sendung über einen Link unter "Meine Bestellungen" nach Warenversand verfolgen.

All products are classified as either a parcel (P) or a freight shipment (F) noted on a truck icon found located in the detailed product description page or by the item number on the main category page.

All European orders are drop-shipped directly from our German location which takes, on average, approximately 1 week for parcel and freight shipments. Please note this is not a guaranteed service and does not account for any unforeseen delays. Deliveries will be only on business days as well. 

Our European flat shipping rates are noted below:

Parcel Shipments

A regular parcel order cannot include any freight items. 


Freight Shipments

An order that contains a freight item along with any parcel item(s) will arrive entirely via freight service.


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