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UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen (Englisch)

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Fachgebiet: Visualisierung
Die deutsche Version „UZMO – Denken mit dem Stift“ sowie die französische Version “UZMO – Penser... mehr

Die deutsche Version „UZMO – Denken mit dem Stift“ sowie die französische Version “UZMO – Penser avec son stylobe” finden Sie unter folgenden Artikelnummern: Deutsch (8500.0417) Französisch (8507.0417).

UZMO offer newcomers and old hands more than 300 pages illustrated in full color:

  • trends, fields of activity, models and strategies for visualisation and visual facilitation
  • The 10 principles of the bikablo® visualisation technique and its visual vocabulary: script, basic shapes, graphic elements, pictograms, figures and color
  • Within the visualisation compass for orientation in the wealth of possibilities for visual expression there are: charts and diagrams, complex infograms, reduced key frames and many-faceted visual landscapes
  • Creative techniques and layout templates to convert abstract content to diagrams
  • Visual presentations on instructional, meeting and corporate communication
  • Visual documentation with sketch notes and graphic recording
  • Visual investigation with dialogue mapping and task cards
  • Pass the pen around the group to facilitate participation
  • Practical tips for using flipcharts and pinboards, explanations of terms, books, links and apps 

Author: Martin Haussmann, class of 1969, Dipl. Designer fh, is the Managing Director of bikablo® akademie and inventor of the bikablo® visualisation technique. As a trainer, technical author and conference speaker he travels widely in Europe as an ambassador for visual thinking.

Edition: pocket book, 304 pages
Dimensions: 24 x 16,8 x 2,4 cm / 9.45 x 6.61 x 0.94 inches
Author: Martin Haussmann
Publisher: Neuland GmbH & Co. KG
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-940315-29-8

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Das Zeitalter des visuellen Denkens hat begonnen. bikablo bildwerk begleitet Ihre Prozesse mit Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation. bikablo akademie bietet Visualisierungstrainings für Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene und Spezialisten.

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Kundenbewertungen für "UZMO – Thinking With Your Pen (Englisch)"

Great Book

Very much enjoying this book. It is simple and easy to start getting benefits from within minutes. It is designed in such a way that you can focus on one area or jump around. Highly recommended


Informative and well structured!

Easy to read and follow, lots of practical tips. Very happy with the purchase!


Great facilitation and visualization book

This book is great way to get started with more visualizations during sessions that I facilitate. I like that it starts very easily and that it emphasizes the importantce of text in visualizations. Great stuff!


Awesome facilitation and visualisation book

I already started getting the benefit even before receiving the book. I downloaded PDF extract and got valuable information. Two days after I had to videotape presentation for company's new hires about the job I am doing. Instead of going with boring bullet points on the board, I drew figures to better explain the context. My marketing team went crazy about it and asked other people to do the same.
Now I have the book and I am enjoying reading it. I already have several ideas I already tried and it makes difference. I can present my ideas in the more engageable way. In addition, I have more and better discussion and participation.


Bought for my daughter who is an Agile coach and uses this in her coaching



As a trainer I realised I really needed to bring a more visual element into my workshops, but as someone for whom drawing was not a great strength, have been somewhat reticent about doing so. This book has been a huge confidence booster in helping me bett


A powerful visualisation, facilitation and consulting resource

As a Bikablo trainer in Australia and having had a first reading of this book, it makes me realise even more how much I still have to learn. This book is the embodiment of Martin Haussman's deep experience but also of his clarity of thought. It is remarkable the way he has been able to codify, in such an accessible way, the practice of visualisation.

I really love the way that he has been able to address the preferences of different readers (I am a 'Hawk'). One of the most powerful metaphorical tools he provides is the Visual Compass. It serves as a portable tool to help the practitioner navigate and make decisions in the field when the terrain is potentially unknown and hazardous!

Highly recommended. I'll probably get a second copy!





well structured; full of tips; easy to read;

love the book, very insightful


Informative, practical and full or drawings!

This book is a gem for people practicing, talking or interested in using drawings and visualization for better explanation and communication. It not only demystifies the idea that you have to be "an artist" to get drawing, and instead, it highlights the importance of identifying key terms and representations. This book will give you a great overview of how to use paper and pen for drawing in business and educations. I already recommended this book and will soon present an academic research drawing, instead of using PPT.

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