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Ambassador Kit Visuality's Choices

Ambassador Kit Visuality's Choices

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland Ambassador Mara Callaert / Visuality You may choose between 3 different choices.

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   The team at Visuality gets down to the business of facilitating visual workshops... mehr


The team at Visuality gets down to the business of facilitating visual workshops - like our signature Flipchart and Sketchnote Ninja workshops – with our trusty Neuland markers in hand. When we choose our tools, we like to pick the ones that make it easy for us to co-create with the group: we want to be ready and capture the dynamics that will make people connect and align with each other during meetings, briefings, evaluations, etc. We go bold with blacks, ground with greys, and pop with colours. Our practiced team has put together three toolkits which will get your workshop off on the right foot.

What are these workshops we’re talking about? Check out Visuality’s Flipchart Ninja and Sketchnote Ninja workshops on


The FlipchartNinja Starter Toolkit

First up in our FlipchartNinja starter toolkit is the Neuland No.One® Outliner with the wedge nib, 2-6 mm. It allows us to a draw a variety of thick and thin lines without changing pens and it never gets smudgy – very important when you’re working with more than one colour like we do. We’ve included 2 of these in the kit because with all the group intelligence that’s going to flow through the room, you might not have time to refill.

On that note, one of the reasons we use Neuland products is because of the sustainability factor - many of their markers are refillable! In this toolkit you will find theRefill Ink RefillOne for the black Outliner.

We also go bold with our visuals and rely on the Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib, 6-12 mm. It’s great for the titles and fat outlines.

And, of course, we don’t go anywhere without our colour markers. Using colour will help you to connect your group’s input, boosting involvement and participation. We picked out 11 of Neuland’s BigOne®, wedge nib, 6-12 mm colours that we swear by tocluster, match, or differentiate the information we’re flipcharting.

•          2 Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib, 2-6 mm
•          1 Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib, 6-12 mm
•          1 Refill Ink RefillOne, Outliner
•          11 Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, 6-12 mm
•          (1 each: 101 grey, 302 light blue, 303 pastel blue, 401 light green, 500 brilliant yellow, 501 yellow, 502 pastel yellow, 600 orange, 601 red orange, 602 salmon, 702 pastel violet) 


The Experienced FlipchartNinja Toolkit

For the more experienced FlipchartNinjas, we pumped up the starter kit with a couple more useful tools that we always have on hand, to give you a fully professional visual workshop set that will take your visual practice to the next level.

The first is the FatOne, 30mm filled with Brilliant yellow (500)ink, a super wide tip marker for fast highlights. This tone of yellow is very bright and makes the most relevant information stand out on your chart.

The second is the Neuland No.One WhiteboardMarker, wedge nib 13 colour set, something that we use extensivelywhen working on process mappings. In these moments, we want the information flow to be agile, so we capture it on whiteboards. We also recommend a bundle of the electrostatic slickyNotes that you can move around on the whiteboard countless times without damaging it. (Pretty slick, eh?)

The cherry on top is the Novario Workshop Trolley Stick-it: all our markers and workshop materials fit so tidily in it that it’s actually fun to open it at the front of the room and start working. We found it kept us so organised that we got rid of all our other old trolley bags. Moreover, it comes with a core assortment of materials already in it. You’ll be all set and ready to visualise!


  • Novario Workshop Trolley Stick-it
  • FatOne, 30 mm
  • Brilliant yellow filling (500)
  • Neuland No.One® Whiteboard, wedge nib 13 colour set
  • 5 pads Estatics Medium, 1 each: transparent, white, yellow, orange, grey
  • Neuland SlickyOne, round nib 1 mm


The SketchnoteNinja Toolkit

With the SketchnoteNinja toolkit, the notes we take on our sketchpads are sure to nail the content, from the boldest highlight to to the thinnest line, connecting ideas, and showing the stories behind them.

We always make sure to keep our SketchOne set handy. It provides a range of black tips that go from 0,1 mm to 0,7 mm, perfect for experimenting freely with a variety of line thicknesses.

Your sketchnotes will quickly come to life by adding some shading with the soft touch of the brush nib of FineOne s'more tones of Grey. We like to pick a couple of grey shades and use them to ground our drawings on the page.

To make our visuals stand out, we always give it a colourful twist. We cluster and highlight information with our favourite colours in the FineOne 13 colours Sets. The round nibwill let you to fill up space in seconds and key ideas pop-out immediately.

•          SketchOne Set 0,1-0,7, black
•          Neuland FineOne® Art, brush nib: s'more tones of Grey
•          Neuland FineOne® Art, brush nib: 13 colours Sets (B5)


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