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Ambassador Kit ThinkLinks Choice

Ambassador Kit ThinkLinks Choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland ambassador ThinkLinks Choice

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Although we tend to use the entire Neuland palette in our graphic recordings (see our hands... mehr

Although we tend to use the entire Neuland palette in our graphic recordings (see our hands after an average day’s work), there are a few colours that Liisa, Disa, and Erica at ThinkLink Graphics just couldn’t do without.

Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib: This is our go-to marker. We keep them fully loaded and ready to fire at every event. Erica is a master at getting black outliner ink in her mouth and on beautiful carpets, and Liisa almost always wears black so outliner explosions blend right in! Disa is currently excited about big and bold writing and graphics, so the Neuland BigOne® Outliner is perfect for the job.

AcrylicOne MEDIUM, round nib 2.5 mm, WHITE: We learn great things from our mistakes. We originally started using Neuland Acrylics to draw on top of an image or word we had blacked out (due to a spelling mistake or a slip of the hand) but now we love the contrast of the white on black so much that we draw big black shapes just to draw on top of them. Neuland Acrylics are crisp and opaque, making them the perfect marker to make your image pop!

Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, Pastel Blue – Investing in our people: we love to colour our people with two, unrealistic tones. Pastel Blue on one side of the drawing, and say, a bright yellow on the other side! Like this:


Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, Lime: This is Erica’s favorite colour in and out of the marker world. She loves all shades of Neuland green and tries to work in a nature scene whenever possible.

Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, Ocean: Most of Disa’s possessions are turquoise, so it’s no surprise that ocean is her marker of choice. Disa ties this colour in to her graphic recordings wherever she can, making her work unique and easy to recognize.

All Neuland Greys: Liisa has been exploring new frontiers with the new Neuland greys! She’s into laying the colours, drawing drop-shadows, and creating a gradient effect in her graphics.



1x Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib 2-6 mm
1x AcrylicOne MEDIUM, round nib 2.5 mm, white
1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm, pastell blue
1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm, lime
1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm, ocean
1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm: s'more tones of Grey



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