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Ambassador Kit Carolyn's choice

Ambassador Kit Carolyn's choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland ambassador Carolyn Ellis

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Once you discover the magic of working visually, whether for yourself as a way to express... mehr

Once you discover the magic of working visually, whether for yourself as a way to express your creativity, or in your work with others, you’ll never go back to regular old note taking or Powerpoint! Having discovered this field a few years ago, I’ve been astonished at how powerful it is as a way to help people find solutions, work together more effectively, and access their creativity!

The key is having the right tools, and Neuland® markers are an absolute must! I like to work large-scale on a wall, as well as create sketch notes, so I wanted to put together a kit that will allow you to work in both ways. 

The Outliner is fantastic! Quick-drying and with great coverage, you never have to work about smudging or smearing your lighter colours - you can go right over it! I think you’ll love this so much I also included the RefillOne ink so you can top up your markers when you run low.

For working large scale, I also included the BigOne® markers. They are great for titles and borders, or whenever you want to draw some connections or lines up on the wall. One thing I really appreciate about Neuland® is no scent! Inhaling marker fumes all day is a quick way to bring on a headache, but you won’t have that issue with these markers!

My go-to colour when I’m graphic recording is blue for text. I love all sorts of shades of blue, so you’ll see that reflected in my choices here. The Neuland No.One® Art are brush nibs, so you can make a quick light line for detail, or smoosh it down on the page for a fatter, wider line too. I find it works great for both sketch notes or large-scale murals.

If you want to get into visual note-taking, I think the SketchOne Set is awesome! Four different pens, with varying widths. My favourite is the .5 or .7mm size for usual stuff, and the .1 and .3 for more detailed lines. I love that they all come in their own case too, so they are always at the ready. 

I’ve also included the Novario® BigOne Box. I have about half a dozen of these and find them indispensable. It flips open so you can easily see and access your markers, but when you flip it shut it keeps them secure and easy to transport.

You’ll start off your journey in the world of graphic recording and doodling with a bang when you have these essentials in your toolkit!

- Carolyn Ellis - 



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